About Us


Jeff Brivik

Director – Operations/Production and Admin

Paul Kaplan

Director – Sales and Technical
wide angle shot of factory

Quality & Corporate Philosophy

  • Summers produces a vast array of componentry for a number of ISO9001 quality endorsed companies and so have been assessed and Q.A. approved by them. Not withstanding this, Summers are continually updating and striving to improve their quality control systems
  • Summers understands the importance of “on time delivery”, and the critical role this plays in their customers, production process
  • Environmental responsibility – Summers have well managed waste removal & disposal of waste materials procedures in place
  • Ongoing Training of new apprenticed staff for the industry
  • Summers provide a safe and healthy working environment for their staff – strict adherence to OH&S standards & regulations together with an ongoing culture of seeking best practice procedures.This includes a clean working environment and, amongst other things, the endeavour to keep the work place as clear as possible from dust and fumes.

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