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Contract Manufacturing for Industrial Pump Manufacturer

Summers Engineering delivers precision components, boosting a pump manufacturers market competitiveness.

Contract Manufacturing for Industrial Pump ManufacturerContract Manufacturing for Industrial Pump Manufacturer
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Client Industry
No. of Parts
63 +
No. of Units
12,000 per annum
Contract Manufacturing

What service did Summers Engineering provide?

Summers was engaged by an industrial pump manufacturer for contract manufacturing services to help increase overall production of their product. After quoting and evaluating their diverse range of components, Summers was contracted to manufacture over 60 unique components. Key services provided include:

  • Competitive quote and evaluation process
  • Production of shafts, rotors, spacers, screws, seals and more
  • Tight tolerance machining for run-out, location and diameter tolerance
  • Utilising a range of materials for functional application
  • Ensuring precision, quality, and timely delivery

What benefit did this provide to the customer?

The collaboration between Summers allowed the customer to streamline their production and reduce their overall product lead times. Additionally, this customer was able to free up production to focus on manufacturing other components that were more in line with their core competency.

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