CNC Machine and Precision Engineering Services


Not completely sure what you need, Summers Engineering and CNC machining Sydney, can help you out. Bring us your ideas and we will sit down with you to discuss and work out the most efficient way to produce your parts or components. We can also do modifications or machine existing parts.

Summers Engineering offers more than just CNC machining services. We offer a wide variety of engineering services from initial prototyping work to high volume production of complex parts we can be your most valuable business partner.

Just a few of the engineering services we offer are:
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Machining of Castings
  • Prototyping for production
  • High volume production runs
  • Low volume production runs
  • Jobs requiring Manual Milling or Turning
  • Stamping or engraving
  • Various forms of finishing such as plating, anodising, passivation, powder coating, printing, bending or any other finish required
  • Production Welding including Sub-assemblies
  • Component Project Management
  • Packaging and Labeling

The fact that we take on all of these services and more making us a true one stop shop for all of your Precision Engineering needs.

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Cutting edge equipment

At Summers Engineering and CNC machining Sydney we know we are not your only choice for CNC Machining in Sydney. That is why we work so hard to be your only logical choice. We constantly upgrade our equipment and put our people through continuing education courses as a standard part of our business practices.

QA to ISO9001 Standard

That is how we have been assessed by and received Q.A. approval by so many ISO9001 quality endorsed companies. We understand that our continued success is garnered only by providing the best service, and quality production, in an atmosphere of responsible corporate business behaviour.

Wide range of services

Our business includes a broad range of services, including, amongst others, machining, fabricating, laser & flame cutting, bending, plating, packaging & more – resulting in an “all-in-service”. That others, can only hope to match. On time, on budget, high quality.

No excuses, delivering what we promise, when we promise is how we have achieved our business success and see no reason to change now.


Summers are able to produce components in a wide range of materials, including most grades of the following;
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Speciality Metals
  • Cast Iron also available
  • Bronze also available

Component Project Management

Summers can provide an “all-in” service, from machining, to fabricating/welding, heat treatment, plating/anodising, powder coating, assembly, & a lot more. These processes are either completed in-house, or by accredited sub-contractors.
Some examples of completed components that Summers has produced from start to finish that include a combination of processes such as turning, milling, metal stamping, laser cutting, bending, engraving, welding, plating, anodising, powder coating and assembly.

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