Summers Engineering

CNC Machining Services Australia

  • We have the ability to produce a wide & varied range of precision components to a high standard of quality
  • We have competitive prices owing to optimisation of production efficiency
  • Provision of a broad range of services, including, amongst others, machining, fabricating, laser & flame cutting, bending, plating, packaging & more – resulting in an “all-in-service”.
  • We machine a wide range of materials, from plastics to speciality hard metals
  • Understanding & flexibility in responding to the ever changing needs of it’s customers
  • Environmentally responsible and provision of a safe & healthy workplace for its employees

Summers Engineering in Sydney can produce them, for you; from a wide variety of materials ranging from the hardest steels to the softest plastics including steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, nylon or acetal plastics, brass and copper to meet your needs and specifications.

Not completely sure what you need, Summers Engineering and CNC machining Sydney, can help you out. Bring us your ideas and we will sit down with you to discuss and work out the most efficient way to produce your parts or components. We can also do modifications or machine existing parts.

We have years of experience doing just that for a wide variety of industries as well as private customers in the Sydney area.
Summers specialises in short to medium size production runs of anything from quantities of around 20, up to approximately 5000.

CNC Machining is a process whereby, designs are converted to numerical data. This allows work such as milling, lathing, grinding and routing to be accomplished by computer controlled machines.

Ok, that was very technical. What CNC machining means to you, as a business person, is that, you get parts manufactured with repeatable, unparalleled precision. Once a design is sent through to us in the form of a drawing or sample, the machining paths, including speeds and feeds, are programmed into the CNC lathe or mill. Thereafter the CNC Mills or Lathes take over and produce your parts.

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